Friday, 12 December 2008

Top 5 Music Lovelies

1. Turnin' Heads - Dem Franchise Boys Ft Lloyd
2. Tom's Diner - Suzanne Vega
3. Lions, Tigers and Bears - Jazmine Sullivan
4. Decale Gwada - Jessy Matador
5. Serge Vegas Ft Teknikal & Trios - Jolene/Bad Girl

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Boggled Mind

I think I hurt someebody yesterday, he'll probably be reading this sha, well, all I gotta say is hmmmmmmmm, no means no jare. *fluttering eyelashes*

Been doing some serious crammin' lately, shit's been hurting my brain hard but I guess that's just what you've got to do if you want the golden grades, I cannot flop this.

So my dad wants us to organise our christmas, as in, us, the kids. I'm the oldest so I will be the one handling the money (hope he doesn't give me a budget). So basically I am to prepare everything that will happen on that day, excluding the cooking of course, that's all I'm saying o! Decorations, food etc, plus family will be coming over as usual. I just better be getting the present I requested for, hehehehe.

Two friends and I were having one girly 'chit chat' yesterday about boys, yeah how cliche. They were going on about 'who the fock do these guys think they are' and so on and so forth, how this one and that one focked them up and how they're so confused and 'why why why?!'.

One talking about her ex-ex who she apparently has no feelings for whatsoever (took her a year to get over him) were talking and told her of some small small girls that he 'used' and 'dumped', the unfortunate thing is that during him and the girls' time together he focked them, he was their first etc, they were so depressed etc etc (you know how the story goes), infact sha, one of them told him that he MUST stay with her as he had taken her virginity, he then went away to friends and told them where they 'laughed their asses off', oh dear.

My friend is too smart to fall for such bullshit and I thank God she didn't. Another one, he is giving out mixed signals, as in one minute he is professing his love for her, another time he is blanking her etc etc. I just sat there shaking my head, for shame o, I can never fall for such crap, I learn from other people's mistakes, not my own, they told me 'I'm lucky I've never experienced of that shit before' and so it shall continue that way! Mstewww!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

College Link Up

50 Colleges
50 Students From Each College
2500 Students
Secret Location
Drugs, Sex and Alcohol (Hahahahaha)
Dress To Impress
Invite Only

I have been invited, should I go or shouldn't I? That is the question.

So there is this party that takes place every year at the end of the year where horny youths (excluding me off course) get together for a kind of 'link up', nobody actually knows where the location is, on the night, you go to a specific place where you are picked up by a bus and taken to the 'secret location', I think it's better that way as I know many people will want to gatecrash, they probably will but there are gonna have to put a lot of time and effort into finding this place and actually getting there, I wouldn't put it past them.

Only 50 students from each college can go (oh please, am sure if I go I will be seeing grown men there, students ko) and there is a list, it may be to do with students but no teachers are involved o, don't get it twisted. Anyways sha, one friend of mine is the one that was to create a list for my college and I found out that I am in it. Sounds exciting but dangerous at the same time, I'll give it a think sha.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Jos Madness

Senselessness now currently taking place in Jos, innocnet lives lost, homes destroyed and for what? The level of violence is atrocious, I just pray for comfort over the many people who have lost their loved ones in the pointless riot. Nigeria, Nigeria, why do we do this to ourselves?

Sectarian violence has flared before in Jos, where the Muslim and Christian communities live in close proximity. Street fighting there in 2001 killed hundreds of people.

The latest violence began early Friday after local elections in which the mainly Christian People's Democratic Party defeated the predominantly Muslim All Nigeria People's Party.

Office-holders in Nigeria often control the awarding of government jobs and contracts, making such positions highly contested.

Plateau state lies in Nigeria's "middle belt" region that separates the country's predominantly Muslim north from the mainly Christian south.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Why I Hate You

My mood has been spoilt. Already? Are you actually kidding me? Annoying librarian, I don't only dislike her, I hate her. Spewing her usual drabble as soon as I entered to do some work, conclusion jumping as usual, if one person talks, everybody else was talking, 'obviously', talk about ignorance, how about we get the facts before we start the blaming? She is the perfect example of a professional stirer of shit, obviously she gets her kicks from it, everybody has their hobby's I guess.

So I thought, I'm not taking this crap today, bullshit, so I talked back, like, I actually gave it to her, sarcasm is my forteit, gotta love it. No adult likes to be made to look stupid, especially by a little girl who is like a hundred years younger than you.

I got kicked out along with a few other people and she took my name but I don't really care, besides, when she asked for my name, I said it, I didn't write it and I doubt she'll be able to remember my 'Nigerianized' name, must have sounded like Arabic to her.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Jealous Partner Part 8

The rest of part 7 is in this but I can't be bothered to seperate it so I guess we'll just call this part 8, enjoy and ignore the numerous mistakes which I am too lazy to correct, hehehehe :P

‘Won’t you put on your gen?’ Funke asked, she did not really like being in the dark, plus she hated not being able to see properly, still resting on Yinka, his strong toned arms wrapped around her, she tapped his knee, ‘Yinka, on your gen na’.

He was reluctant, ‘Why baby?’ he replied, ‘Or are you scared?’, ‘Scared ko’ she answered, tugging at his trousers, she pushed her back towards him even more causing her yansh to collide with his crotch. Suddenly, she felt a slight jab at her back, something had sprung, a hard jab, ‘cheii’ she thought, she knew exactly what it was but pretended as though she was totally oblivious, Yinka gripped her waist and pulled her in further to him making sure that her yansh was totally pressed on his lap. ‘Baby...’ he whispered, she knew what he wanted, she would definitely not give in this time, haba.

She could still feel the jab, ‘What’s that?’ she asked, the act was too obvious, Yinka knew his babe too well, ‘As if you don’t know’ he hissed, ‘Mi o mo (I don’t know)’ she faked, ‘Ehn? Really?’, Yinka gripped even tighter onto her waist, ‘ Ok o, let me show you’, she jumped up from his lap, promptly, ‘Show me wetin?’, walking in the opposite direction, she could not see a thing and kept on bumping into things, ‘Hah, Yinka, on your gen na’, her leg struck something hard causing her to fall on her knees, groaning and rubbing her legs to lessen the pain, she scrambled up swiftly to her feet, dusting herself off, all the while, Yinka was staring at her, shaking his head, ‘Funk, you are too clumsy’, laughing like a mad man, he was up on his feet now, being used to the dark and the settings of his house, Yinka was able to maneuver his way easily towards her, slowly, his long arms stretched in the air, ‘Stop trying to change the subject Funke’, ‘Subject of what?’ she asked, eyebrows now raised, a baffled look on her face, she stared at the floor, ‘Don’t start that again, abeg’ he was getting irritated with her constant pretending, he had his needs for goodness sake.

All of a sudden, her pocket began to vibrate, it was her phone, Yinka raised his eyebrows, ‘Who would be calling you at such a time?’, she ignored his question and picked up her phone, glanced at the callers ID and answered the call. ‘Hello? Ah Tosin, ba wo ni?’, a huge smile planted on her face, ‘Ah good, what can I do for you?’ she continued, ‘Ehen’, she looked up, Yinka was stood in front of her, staring hard and desperately trying to hear the caller’s voice so as to figure out it was the voice of a male or female, obviously not too happy with the sudden interruption, his face was sour and Funke was too busy chatting and giggling away to notice, turning away from him to face the wall , she fiddled with her hair and continued on with her chat on the phone, ‘Ok dear, no problem’, the conversation was finished, she locked off the phone and turned back towards him.

Without giving her time to even breathe, let alone put the phone away, he blasted her with questions, ‘Tani e?(Who was that?)’ he asked, his arms folded, ‘Oh, my friend’ she answered, ‘What does he want?’, she was amused, ‘How do you know it was a he?’, her voice went high pitched, ‘Ok, was it a boy or a girl?’, twitching her nose, she replied him, ‘Guy’, he shot back, ‘I know na’, he sounded annoyed, Funke did not like his tone at all, ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’, she squinted her eyes, tilting her head slightly, he ignored her question.

‘Does he know you have a boyfriend?’, he was really getting on her nerves now, jealousy was written all over his face, but why? She was used to his childish moods but it did not mean that she would take it, plus it was very hard to ignore, what had she done this time for goodness sake? She shrugged and walked on, she could not be bothered to have another argument tonight, especially one that was so pointless, plus she was tired, Yinka had really spoilt her mood, she needed some sleep. Still walking away from him, she headed towards the guest room, her phone rang again. Yinka was furious, watching her as she walked away he followed after her, straight into the bedroom.