Monday, 16 February 2009

Who Likes To Play Games?

On the phone, giggling away, the usual chit chatter. He tells me to play a game with him, I'm like huh? A game he says, what kind of game? I ask, he tells me not to worry that I should just follow his 'orders', so I'm like ok o.

He then asks me if I have access to a big mirror, one where I can see myself fully, by golly I do, so the game begins. Oh yes, I must also lock my room door he tells me, ok, done. Ok first I am to remove my top, I'm like what the? He's like, just do it, ok so I did it.

Top is removed, now my bottoms,then my bra, you know how the rest goes. Ok so I'm standing there like stark naked, ok hunny what next? He tells me to stand in front of the mirror, ok I'm doing that, now what? He now tells me 'that's it', I'm like huh? Then he bursts out laughing.

Chai, I have been fooled, of course I promise to get him back, he's just laughing his ass off. Naughty Boy.

Point of the game was to make the victim (me) feel stupid and damnnit he succeded.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

In Trouble With 'The Guy'

He doesn't really like me drinking coffee, I just can't seem to stay away from the stuff though. Another thing, you know those times when you promise to do something but you don't actually do it, yes, I've gotten myself in that kind of mess, oops.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines Day My Ass, Literally

For Nigerians, Lovers' Day is about money and sex. It is a grand ritual of deception. It is all about men and women looking for romantic dalliances; reckless dalliance of a thousand degrees, sex and more sex. Biology gone berserk. Valentine's Day 2009, in many Western capitals is being seen in relation to how lovers and couples will respond to the global economic pinch. Projections in many Western countries indicate a sharp drop in Valentine spending. Relationships could be threatened as lovers try to save costs. In Nigeria, I wager the bet that in Lagos where the Valentine craze is most felt, there'd be a near-commotion on the streets. In matters of sex, Nigerians are less circumspect.