Tuesday, 31 March 2009

How Annoying

I am utterly disgusted with a new law that will make it illegal for women to refuse their husbands sex, leave the house without their husband’s permission and can only seek work, education or visit the doctor with their husbands' permission.

This act of idiocy and complete ignorance will take part in none other than Afghanistan. In my opinion, there is no other person that could come up with such rules asides a lunatic, medical help is indeed needed for such fools and I’m guessing that those coming up with such bullshit are men, lucky for them they don’t need to consult their husbands before going to visit a psychiatrist, I guess that’s one positive thing to say.

This is obviously just a sly way to legalize marital rape. I’m amazed but then again, that doesn’t neccessarily mean I’m surprised, typical. Plus to think that someone is using such a law to boost his votes for an election.

(P.s This isn't a rant at men, I love you guys and know you are not all like this teeheehee)

Hamid Karzai has been accused of trying to win votes in Afghanistan's presidential election by backing a law the UN says legalises rape within marriage and bans wives from stepping outside their homes without their husbands' permission.
The Afghan president signed the law earlier this month, despite condemnation by
human rights activists and some MPs that it flouts the constitution's equal rights provisions.

Jon Boone reveals Afghanistan's new law denying women's rights
Link to this audio
The final document has not been published, but the law is believed to contain articles that rule women cannot leave the house without their husbands' permission, that they can only seek work, education or visit the doctor with their husbands' permission, and that they cannot refuse their husband sex.

A briefing document prepared by the United Nations Development Fund for Women also warns that the law grants custody of children to fathers and grandfathers only.


Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Nation's Favourite Fruit

Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind.

Na so?

My 8 year old brother asked me what a boner is...Awkward. I told him it's a type of fruit, close enough. Thought he had fallen for it but then a little bird told me that he had gone to get a more 'advanced' definition from none other than parents. 'Boner' is a more slangificated way of saying erection alie? My parents obviously aren't in with the 'modern cool' enough for them to actually understand what he meant. We thank God.


This coming saturday, some friends have prepared a suprise birthday for a friend and the theme will be 'African Swagger' (This swagger word is being thrown around too much nowadays haba, I know I'm guilty sha), they were taking the piss out of me telling me I should not turn up in head tie and sandals, you know, the bush kind....oloshious.

Gotta love them gladiator sandals *Big Grin*

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Social Deviances *Gasp*

DEVIANCE is defined as any behaviour that violates or goes against social norms.

If a behaviour causes people to stare or feel disgusted it indicates that the behaviour is breaking a social norm.

I was thinking, you know those places that you know that you are not supposed to enter, e.g say a teacher's staff room where every student is forbidden from entering. Wouldn't it be quite funny if say during school lunch or break time, I went and just randomly walked into and sat with my legs up in the staffroom with a sandwhich or something, amongst the teachers like it was nothing, hehehe, what would be their responses?

Funny social deviances:

1. Scenario: You are on the bus, seated next a stranger, someone you have never seen or met before, the stranger is eating a bag of chips, you reach over, take one of his/her chips, eat it, act like nothing happened and stare on.

2. Scenario: You're in the church, mosque or whatever, everyone is silent as the pastor is praying, everyone's head bent down, eyes closed and then you burp, LOUDLY and LONG even though you knew you could hold it in, you then bend your head back down and carry on with the prayer.

3. Scenario: Picking your nose, flicking the 'treasure' you found into the air and laughing during an important job interview.

4. Scenario: You are a female english teacher at an all boys secondary school. The weather is extremely hot, you go to work in hot pants and a bikini top.

5. Scenario: You get to meet Obama face to face, upon greeting him rather than being normal greeting him with a handshake you squeeze his left butt cheek and act like nothing happened. (Lol, ok, I got a bit excited with this one :D)

Hehehe, I have more but I wouldn'r want to disgust you folks any further.

So there's this girl band from the east in Nigeria, not bad not bad at all. Infact, I have 3 favourites from their songs, 'Mu Na Gi', 'Dangerous' and 'Okpomekwe (Remix), their igbo sounds so so sweet. The only problem I have is their stage name, haba, why name yourselves 'Desperate Chicks'? I don't understand.

Here are some links for your delight:

Mu Na Gi
Okpomekwe (Remix)

Friday, 27 March 2009

Honest Scrap 'Meme' and Weird Fads

Noticed a new 'fad' amongst many youths living in naija, especially Lagos. That checkered scarf that everyone seems to be wearing around, you know the one I'm on about? But why? Not that it doesn't look nice, but in the hot boiling sun? How many degrees again? Oma se o. I asked one paddy of mine about this new madness and he could not even provide an answer to my question, he was too busy laughing because he himself does it. Wonders shall never end.

Me: please, there is a VERY important question I wish to ask *confused emoticon*
Him: ask
Me: Concerning naija youths
Him: *confused emoticon*
Him: *confused emoticon*
Me: and this sudden rise of wearing scarves in the hot boiling sun
Me: Is it a new game?
Me: Who can sweat the most? *confused emoticon*
Him: *ROFLMAO emoticon*
Him: *ROFLMAO emoticon*
Him: *ROFLMAO emoticon*
Me: *confused emoticon*
Him: *ROFLMAO emoticon*

Yours truly has been tagged by the oh so lovely BSNC. Honest scrap meme, I think I need to be honest about myself or something?

11 honest things about me:
1. I am weird, like an indescribable weirdness that even me sef the holder of such 'weirdness' cannot even explain.

2. I love the smell of nail polish, drying paint, tipex etc damn it's like a drug, I could actually sniff it all day.

3. I am very impatient as in hate waiting for stuff, I want what I want right here and right now, don't get me wrong I'm not spoilt.

4. I love laughing, my sense of humour is totally out of this world.

5. Almost all my online friends don't believe me when I say this but I am actually VERY shy in real life, ok ok most of the time, it just depends who I'm with.

6. I've been told that I am very elusive when it comes to relationships.

7. I once went to school without wearing a bra out of pure laziness, at first I forgot to put one on, but then when I finally realised and even had the oportunity to put it on I really couldn't be bothered, needless to say it was like there was a party going on underneath my top, I learnt my lesson after the day.

8. To me, Yoruba is the most sexiest language that exists, followed by Hausa (Only started thinking that recently).

9. I dislike rain.

10. I don't like alcohol. (Don't understand this whole fad of going out to get drunk)

11. I think I'm in love.

So who do I tag? Solo, Maiden In Abuja, Danny (I doubt he'll do it again lol), ibiluv

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Good or Bad?

Is it a good idea to work with your spouse? I ask this because my current form tutor recently got married to my old maths teacher. At first, I was like, what on earth do they see in each other, as in to me they seem like the complete opposite to each other (please don’t give me that ‘opposite’s attract bullcrap’), but then I realised they do share a few common things personality wise, yes of course. They are both annoyingly annoying (does that make sense?) plus they both get the fudge on my nerves. But then again, I guess everyone deserves to be happy and thus I am putting away my grudges and wishing them a happy married life.

I came across this.

The idea of working with your spouse is good in that it helps couples to understand their partners more. Working together would help couples to have more time to see each other thereby keeping the bond intact. If you work with your spouse, there would be no room for doubts and distrust which would make the relationship better and stronger. Couples would have more bonding together which would make them have more time to talk and help each other when the need arises.

I think it's a great idea working with your spouse. For one thing, you and your spouse will have more time together plus there is always time to talk about issues regarding work. If problems occur regarding work, then both of you could talk about it and give a solution to whatever that problem is. Working together would help both spouse to understand more about their partners as you will be working very closely together. It would be good for both of you as you will be exchanging ideas that would help you both grow and have better achievements in work as well as your relationship as husband and wife.

No matter how much you love your spouse, there are many reasons that working together is not a good idea. There's no one who can better explain the reasons than an employee at a company owned by a husband and wife team! All the good intentions in the world cannot prevent the stress that occurs when a husband and wife work together, most of which gets transferred along to the rest of the company. Owning and operating a company should never be about personal relations. With a spouse on board, it is simply unavoidable that the personal and professional will mix, and when things go badly, a new dimension of tension gets added to the fray. The best way to support a spouse is to do it from the sidelines.

Among several problems thar arise when a husband and wife work together is: Who's in command? Even when one spouse is clearly the boss, and the other the worker, simply from the nature of the relationship, this can never be a traditional work relationship. The spouse/employee always has a privileged access to the boss and a superior status to the other workers, who can never work around that relationship. If the employee spouse says something contrary to the boss spouse, workers are unsure whom to follow. Who really has power? In fact, both do, even when one spouse is the boss, and the other is not.

When two spouses work together and have conflicts, the personal invades the workspace. Nothing is worse for the workplace environment that two feuding spouses. It's the equivalent of "mom and dad fighting" as one worker expressed it. The couple is stressed, and the rest of the company's employees are forced to walk on egg shells until the conflict is resolved. When things are finally smoothed over, the company employees may not even realize it.

Day-to-day workplace gossip reaches new heights when a couple runs a business. Every personal tidbit becomes fodder for the gossip mill. Employees don't know how to approach the couple in a comfortable way. Each spouse must decide how much or how little to share that their own spouse may not want the employees to know. Revealed information cannot be taken back, and secrets revealed may lead to additional conflict.

I think, no wait, I KNOW I agree with the anti response, so what’s your take on this?

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Religion And Older Men

My second post for today, currently in class and bored, yes I've completed my work.

So I think I’m back to blogging like eveyday, for now anyway, I guess it’s sort of like weed, you get high off it but then it starts to wear off. I don’t smoke igbo (weed) gbeborun’s, it aint where the 'cool's' at.

Trying to find myself when it comes to religion. As much as I go to church, conventions etc. I just realised that I am only in this religion (Christianity) because of my upbringing, parents etc, not that I have taken it upon myself to actually read upon and understand it myself.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do, soon. I don’t even have my own bible anymore, MY OWN. My mum found herself when she was young, she was brought up as muslim because of her father as most typical northerners would do, yet at the same time, read the bible, she was interested in Christianity and soon enough she converted, not just because of the influence of my dad when she met him but because she believed in it and understood and now she values it.

Many people really need to ask themselves, do they really understand/believe in their religion? Or Is it just another case of mummy and daddy taking us to church, mosque etc when we were children and so then we just shrugged and went along with it without actually knowing what we were getting ourselves into.

Ok enough of the religion talk.

Ladies, what do you think about dating older guys, I mean OOOOLLLLDDDDEEEERRRR guys. At first, I was kind of iffy about such large gaps but now…


Olodo International

I feel that I should continue on with my 'JP' stories but it seems as though paddy mi omo laziness has had a huge impact on your's truly, or did I mention that already in my previous post?

Oh by the way, I didn't mention this before but before actually typing them up onto blogger, I would usually hand write some of the parts to the story, those who have read them know there is a section where I added a bit of boolala just for the maggi cube effect, this was ages ago but I hand write that part first before typing it up and cappuccinebaby with her good head went and left the paper on the ironing board at home for like 5 minutes.

My dad saw it when I had popped downstairs, must have thought it was a school assignment or something and went along to read it.

Now you get the title of my post?

See my life o.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Mrs Ikebe And The Ex

Sorry readers, been so lazy, remember the days when I used to blog every single day, infact, sometimes even two posts a day, ndo o, ndo! So what has been happening? I have this sort of infatuation for big bottoms, or as they say, ‘Idi nla’, 'Azuka’ ectera ectera, oh please, I’m not gay or whatever word you want to come up with, I just seem to stare intently whenever I see a big yansh in a sort of ‘wooooow’ entrancement, like you’re carrying your own mini person on your back.

Like for instance, yesterday, I was in church, can’t remember if it was during praise and worship or the preaching but one girl kept walking up and down the aisle and what caught me was not only her big yansh, but the way it moved under her skirt, like it was doing a dance of some sort, wibbly wobbly wibbly wobbly, up and down, round and round. A friend of mine noticed as well, a girl, we were totally gobsmacked, oh the many wonders of the human body.

Another thing, 2Face’s ‘new’ song, ok well it isn’t new anymore so I’ll say his ‘newest’ song. I really can’t stand it, ironic how his best video ended up being his worst song, in my opinion anyway.

One forum I often visit, there was this thread titled ‘Why Do Girls Fall For Sex Easily With Their Ex’. How true is that sha? As in, I was talking with one friend I have not seen In a while on the phone yesterday and the conversation turned to her ex, I’ve blogged about them at some point remember, I think the post was titled ‘Psycho’, you know, another one of those psychotic boyfriends who want to know your every move, threaten you, lock you in their house when you insist on leaving (in her case) and so on and so forth, you get the picture. So we were talking, apparently he’s always calling her and texting her, infact, during the process of us gisting, he text her about three times, she seemed annoyed and I asked her what he was texting, she then told me that he wanted her to come over to his house (he lives alone).

I laughed when she told me, telling her that he must be crazy and also as a joke, I asked her if she has been to his house since the breakup and she said yes. Ooook, I then asked her if she had slept with him since the breakup, she replied yes again. This girl is seriously digging her own grave sha, I asked her why and she told me ‘it just happened’, not even just once but on countless occasions, Oooook o! I don’t know o, their ‘relationship’ is plain crazy. Anyways sha, there’s that saying about the forbidden fruit tasting sweeter, or so they say, hmmph.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

True Love

Once upon a time a bird fell in love with a white rose. One day he (bird) proposed to her (white rose), but white rose refused. White rose said I don't love you. Bird daily came and proposed to her. Finally, white rose said when I will turn red, I will love you. One day bird came and cut his wings and spread his blood on the rose and the rose turned red. Then the rose realized how much bird loved her but it was too late because bird was dead. So respect the love and feelings of the person who loves you.