Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Motunrayo Part 5

It's short but it's all I could think of for now :D

His eyes fixated on both his wife and the stranger seated on Motunrayo’s mat, Akin was stunned, mental pictures of Motunrayo and this stranger romancing in his own house during his absence flashed in his mind, fuming but still managing to keep his cool, gluing his eyes on the couple, he screwed his face and waited for a response. Niyi instantly shot up, not taking his eyes off Akin the whole time, he subsequently looked at Motunrayo who was still seated on the mat, her turned, eyes trailing the floor, she knew how Akin was feeling but in all honesty could not care less.

Annoyed by their lack of response, Akin asked who the stranger was, the question obviously directed at his wife but Niyi the one to answer. He told Akin that he was just a friend and had just come to visit Motunrayo and see how see was, stretching his hand out for a handshake, Akin rudely ignored his gesture and stared at him. Motunrayo spoke up, basically repeating what Niyi had told Akin, she lifted herself up stood close to Niyi. Evidently uncomfortable with the situation, Niyi announced that he would be leaving, to which Motunrayo immediately protested against, completely ignoring the presence of Akin within the room.

Intent on leaving, Niyi insisted, but promising to visit her another day, he left quietly, bidding farewell to both Akin and his wife. Immediately after his departure, she attempted to make her way into the kitchen, Akin warned her to stop where she was, asking, how dare she bring another man into their home? She told him that the man in question was her good friend, even way before she had met him and that she owed him no explanation for having a friend over, he hissed and told her she was wrong, she hissed back.

Akin trailed towards her, warning her that her stubborn behavior would not get her anywhere, she was clueless and asked him what he was on about, trying to prevent him from getting too close, she tried to walk away, he was now standing in front of her, she was blocked. He warned her not to ever in her life bring any man into his home again, challenging him, Motunrayo asked of what he would do if she did, Akin shrugged and muttered underneath his breath, telling her to just try it.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Motunrayo Part 4

With a baby now present in his wife’s womb, Akin was not as distressed as before concerning the chances of Motunrayo fleeing. At least if she did, it would not be as simple for her, the extra baggage would without doubt cause her hindrance. His unruly temper was also something that would need to be put under a leash for he would not allow himself to be provoked by Motunrayo, losing this baby was definitely not a risk Akin was willing to take, not again.

A depressed and irritated Motunrayo more often than not moped around her husband’s hut. Basically a shadow of herself, she was a ghost hovering in darkness, soaked in her own despair, the sight of Akin alone annoyed her and she snapped at him at every given opportunity. Akin handled her with patience, he appeared a composed and tolerating husband, enduring Motunrayo’s ill-mannered attitude daily, on the contrary, deep within, Akin was actually a bomb on the verge of exploding, for if not for the baby…

One day, an unexpected visitor had come to visit Motunrayo, whilst lying on her mat she had heard a gentle knock at the hut door, initially thinking that it was Akin returning from the stream, Motunrayo did not bother to answer, although it was very unlike Akin to knock but who else would be visiting? Her mother had paid a few visits but rarely ever and for this she was actually very grateful.

The visitor knocked again, increasing the pressure of their knocks at the door, obviously not convinced that nobody was at home. Motunrayo lifted herself and answered, asking who it was, the visitor replied, recognising the voice instantly her spirit was instantly raised. She opened the door and jumped, but only slightly for the weight of the baby had pulled her down.

The visitor had turned out to be Niyi, a close friend of Motunrayo’s, he had always secretly admired her but failed to express his true feelings, totally shattered at the sudden announcement of her wedding to Akin, there was nothing he could do. They had not been in contact since her marriage to Akin, she was not even able to explain to him what had happened, everything had happened so fast, too fast.

She did not like keeping secrets from him but she just could not bring herself to expose the disgusting truth that had formed her so called marriage. Motunrayo was ecstatic but at the same time, angry at him for not visiting much earlier, she had missed him very much. Niyi explained to her that he only wanted to give her time to settle down with her husband, he had missed her extremely too but was not too certain of how Akin would react if he had paid a visit, it was only now that he had summed up the nerve, Niyi apologized for his timid behavior.

Noticing the silence within the hut, Niyi asked of Akin’s whereabouts, she told him that he had gone out to fetch water and would return shortly. Slightly relieved, Niyi gave a heavy sigh of relief, Motunrayo could sense that her good friend was tense, concerned, she tugged at his arm, asking him if everything was ok, giving a slight smile, he assured her that everything was fine.
It had been such a long time since they had had a good chat, Motunrayo missed their times together, just the thought that both her and Niyi could have been somewhere else right now, gisting and laughing together as friends would caused her bitterness towards Akin to increase, she clenched her fists.

Since the wedding, Niyi never seemed to bump into Motunrayo around the village anymore, it was as if she did not even exist, Motunrayo stood before him smiling but the smile lacked that certain glow, this was not the normal and usual radiant Motunrayo he knew, he was concerned, But not one to interfere in the affairs of any couple, a married couple for that matter, Niyi kept his questions to himself.

Swiftly, Motunrayo trailed over to her mat, signaling for Niyi to follow her, he obliged, seating himself next to his friend. Just about to start the gist, the door opened and Akin entered the hut.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Perplex Mind

Bunked so many classes this week it's amazing, can't seem to able to learn anything there, I prefer independant studies quite frankly. The town library is now my new kitchen, where I chow down on as many textbooks as I can in preperation for the nearcoming examinations, wish me blessings, it aint luck I'm after.

Don't you hate it when people are so paranoid? You don't call them for like one minute and then they switch on your, conclude that you don't care about them, I need spaaaacccce. Love hate relationships seem to be attracted to me, like a powerful magnetic force, I love him but I hate him at the same time, another thing that seems to be attracted to me, the force of confusion. I need help.

So I created one thread on nairaland where I posted audio clips of me reading my stories, it actually made itself onto the front page and since then, blog traffic has been booming!

Another thing that has been booming? My hormones! Won't go into much detail about that but I'm sure you get the drift *wink wink*.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


...being me at the moment. Stress isn't even the word, I need to come up with something even more advanced because I really feel like shaving my head now (yeah, that bad). It's a mixture, as in, not neccesarily just school and the likes but other things too, uneccesary things in fact and I'm stuck in the middle. Boohoo.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Pastor Loses Wife To Richer Pastor

A pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Israel Kehinde Ajayi, 40, has lost his wife, former Miss Anita Uzowuru, to pastor Godwin Mbamara of Rehoboth Covenant Bible Church, Olorunsogo, Mushin, Lagos.

P.M.NEWS learnt that the Kabba, Kogi State-born Ajayi and Anita, a nurse from Umudike Mbano, Imo state, were joined at the Federal Marriage Registry, Ikoyi, Lagos, on 15 February, 2008. Without the dissolution of the marriage with Ajayi, Anita again signed the dotted lines on Saturday, at 25/27, Olusoga Street, Mushin, when Rehoboth Bible Church organised a wedding for her and pastor Mbamara.

In an interview with P.M.NEWS, Ajayi said: “Anita said she cannot marry a wretched pastor like me who has no car. I understand the pastor she ran to owns a car. What made our relationship go sour was that Anita wanted us to travel overseas where she can practice as a nurse, whereas I insisted that she should have a child for me before we travelled.”

Ajayi said family friends informed him of Anita’s secret engagement to one pastor Mbamara, whom she actually married in Mushin, on 25 April. But at the last minute, the venue was changed from End-Time Army Church, Mushin, to 25/27, Olusoga Street, Mushin. Contacted before the Saturday marriage, Anita admitted she went to Ikoyi Marriage Registry with Ajayi in error because it was part of his condition to assist her to travel to London. But when he could not fulfil his part of the arrangement, she decided to forget about him.

“He told me I have to claim to be his wife so that he could take me to the embassy and introduce me to leaders of the RCCG. I tried as much as possible to satisfy his conditions to be able to embark on the overseas journey. “At a stage, he was extorting money from me. I cannot now remember how much he collected from me, but it could be up to N100,000. I deserted him when he was about to milk me dry and, of course, the travel plan failed,” Anita explained.

Rev. (Dr.) David Adetiloye, Senior Pastor of End-Time Army Church, who facilitated the meeting with Anita in his church, was not present during the interview. But she was accompanied by her pastor, Rev. Peter Daniel, who told P.M.NEWS that Anita regretted her mistake going into the relationship with Ajayi. P.M.NEWS, last Saturday, witnessed the wedding between Anita and pastor Godwin Mbamara, at the new venue. The hall was filled to capacity. The marriage was contracted by officials of Rehoboth Covenant Bible Church, led by Rev. Peter Daniel.

Evangelist Olu Olatinwo charged the couple with the theme: Sacrifice Of Love, quoting John 3:16 in an exhortation that received loud ovation from the sizeable audience. With just three items to fulfil the order of the wedding service, Rev. Peter Daniel fished out P.M.NEWS reporter from among the audience and handed him over to the policemen at the venue. The policemen intimidated, harassed and assaulted him. They seized his bag, searched him and after creating a rowdy scene at the front of the hall for about 30 minutes, arrested and took him to Area D Police Headquarters, Mushin.

At the station, the reporter managed to send a phone call to his editor who contacted the Police Public Relation Officer (PPRO), Frank Mba, who intervened and the reporter was promptly released. Our reporter was let off the hook after one of the Uzowurus (Anita’s family) entered a ‘report’ into the police station diary that he was in the police station to report ‘an intruder’ at his niece’s wedding. The address and other particulars of the reporter were also recorded.

Naija women too like money :D