Saturday, 29 August 2009

Motunrayo Part 8

Part 6 and 7 are in the posts before ;)

Motunrayo at first had refused to admit it, but her relationship with Akin seemed to have changed in some subtle way she could not understand, she seemed to be growing warmer towards him, less arguments, she felt less hostile plus she conformed a lot more to his requests, something she hated herself for doing, she had always promised herself she would never allow such a thing to happen, at first she blamed it on her condition, too much hassle would not be good for her in such a state, arguments would only cause her added stress, she was too tired to quarrel, too young for all the strain, Motunrayo thought back to her vicious encounter with Akin and was bitter suddenly, her so called lack of discipline troubled her, she saw herself as a failure, cursing herself in her head she sighed silently.

It was one thing that she had allowed the change in their relationship to happen and another thing that Akin could possibly know all along, this would give him a great opportunity to use her inner weakness as an advantage, her breaths became heavy, perspiration forming on her forehead as her hands shook restlessly, did he know? She tried to consult herself, of course he knew! He had known right from the beginning and had done everything he could to make it happen, constructed well from all the small actions and words, she felt like a puppet, sick to her stomach her teeth gritted unknowingly, no more tugging and pulling, the strings needed to be cut, she had to be released.

Agitated, Motunrayo’s body felt hot, her husband was out and there was not much water left in the bucket to use, she shrugged and decided to settle for the little water remaining, a little while later, Motunrayo was still in the stall, as she bathed, she was suddenly aware that Akin had returned to the hut, she was still inside the little bath stall behind their home and feared that her absence in the hut would cause Akin to search for her in the stall, hurriedly she used the last of the water.

Akin was now aware of his wife’s absence within the hut and headed towards the bath stall where he met her wrapping herself, hair and body dripping with water he watched as soft droplets of water dripped down her long legs and chest.

Motunrayo glanced at him, she did not know why she was so embarrassed being seen in this situation, it was not the first time he’d seen her like this, nether less she blushed, a hot sensation burning in her cheeks, she looked down, trying to hide her now quivering hands behind her back. Akin was amused, eyebrows gently raised as he approached her, she scuttled back swiftly and turned around. “Motun, look at me.” “I don’t want to” Akin drew in a deep breath and touched her gently, she flinched at his touch and he put both arms around her, holding her against him he bent his head, nuzzling his nose in her hair and breathing in her scent, he closed his eyes. “You smell delicious” he said.

For a few seconds, Motunrayo entranced in his tight grip, closed her eyes allowing herself to melt into his strong arms, he bent and kissed her neck causing a fiery sensation to run through her spine, causing her to lose her breathe.

Suddenly she felt weak, faint droplets of sweat ran down her forehead and then she snapped, “Fimisile! ” she cried, pushing herself aggressively against his hard chest, caught off guard he loosened his grip, he watched her intensely as she pulled herself together, trembling violently.

Motunrayo Part 7

Montunrayo’state was becoming even more evident as the many months passed, she glowed wonderfully, her stomach as round as ever, her hair grew faster and thicker, often packed in a large bun on her head, curly strands laid untidily on her forehead, regardless it shone a brilliant black. Moreover, her breasts had also gone through a dramatic change, much to Akin’s delight, maybe he’d get her pregnant more often.

A month or two later and he’d be holding his child, his own child, a son he’d hoped for, desperately yearned for and he was without doubt not one to allow anything whatsoever to come in between him and his craving, nothing stopped him from getting Motun, a baby was just the next step, no, a son, oh how he wished for a son. As usual his wife was proving difficult, often refusing the meals he or anybody else would prepare for her, even if she did eat it was hardly enough, especially for a woman in her condition, he thought she spent way too much time outside, concerned as he was Akin had tried his best to make the hut as comfortable for her as he could, that should be good enough for her, what else could she want? But then it hit him. Finished with his cooking, he called for her, she was not in the hut so he trailed outside where she was slouched over the hut ledge, his broad shoulders tensed as his arms folded, and he stood hovering over her. At once she sensed his presence, Motunrayo sprung up immediately and stared at him, she read him like a book, irritation written all over him, he bit his lip obviously trying to control his fury, Motunrayo closed her eyes and waited for the attack.

The attack came at once. “Nice try Motun”, she was confused, squinting her eyes she asked what he meant, annoyed that she insisted on playing dumb he shook his head and sighed, she was baffled, ‘what on earth did this guy want?’ she thought. “You think I don’t know what you’ve been trying to do?” his voice was stern, “skipping meals, long lays in the sun, you really had me going for a minute” a sarcastic smile now plastered on his face, still puzzled she squeezed her face, trying to understand what he meant, then she realized. Motunrayo shot back immediately, she honestly did not know what he was talking about, the whole ordeal had just made her lose her appetite plus she truthfully found staying outside more relaxing, the sun did sometimes get to her but she found it better than being locked up inside, realizing how paranoid he was Motunrayo laughed in her head, she wondered what would happen if she just got up, walked towards him, put her arms around him and kissed him. Snapping out of her daydream, she realized Akin was still talking, she was able to pick up at the last of his rant, something about him being a hawk and her not kidding herself, not bothered to take him up on his threats, she ignored him and turned her head, waiting for the rant to end.

“Your food is ready Motun” he turned to enter the hut, “I’m not hungry” she replied, Akin left her sighing with relief, but shortly returned with the meal he had prepared for her, yam and palm oil. Cutting a piece of the yam he bent down beside her, holding the piece of yam to her lips, she swallowed hard, her throat dry “No thanks” she said wearily, “Eat something baby, you need all the strength you can get”, “I don’t want. . .” “Eat it.” Motunrayo bit her bottom lip, reluctant to eat the yam but eventually gave in and submissively ate the meal, though only part, Akin was satisfied enough to leave her be and ate the rest.

Motunrayo Part 6

Motunrayo was sick and tired of Akin telling her what she could and could not do all the time, constantly asking herself daily if this was what marriage was all about, she felt like a prisoner, a bird in a cage, she needed freedom, freedom from the hut, freedom from Akin. The baby was weighing her down, both physically and mentally, it sickened her to think that within her lay the seed of an absolute monster, she wondered what the baby would look like when born, would it have a mark? Possibly, considering the vicious way it was created, Motunrayo shivered. Giving birth to this child was her only way to freedom, as soon as she conceived, she would flee the hut, leaving Akin to take care of the baby, she had it all planned out, but the only problem was how? For one thing, Akin was like a hawk, forever watching her every move, it would be difficult, almost impossible to leave his sight and she could tell that he would be on an even closer watch out considering what had just happened some minutes ago with Niyi, she snapped out of her thoughts, her full attention now on her ‘Husband’.

He was now dividing the water he had just fetched into another set of buckets, Motunrayo stood leaning on the hut wall, arms crossed, and teeth gritted together, her eyes were like flames, they had been set alight by none other than Akin, how dare he tell her not to bring a friend to her home, even if today’s visit by Niyi had not been expected, in her mind, he was welcome to the hut anytime he wanted. She voiced this thought out, loud and clear. Akin ignored her, knowing full well that all she wanted was another quarrel, he could not be bothered quite frankly, not tonight. Finished with distributing the fetched water, he stood up, trailed towards the chair in the corner and seated himself down, his long legs stretched out, he kicked off his sandals, rubbing his feet together.

Motunrayo had now left her earlier position against the wall and was now walking towards the door exit, Akin raised himself up and asked her where she going, she told him that she needed a bit of fresh air, she’d been locked up in the hut all day and just needed space to breathe. Slightly uneasy, he allowed her to do as she wished, but agreed only if she left the door open, wide.

Motunrayo made her way towards the door, she slammed it hard behind as she stepped out, hissing in response to his silly requirement. He groaned, shaking his head as he too made for the door, but only to open it, when would this girl realize that stubbornness would not get her anywhere, but then again, it amused him and at the same time, it seemed that her determined and feisty attitude only cause Akin to want her more, he smirked, hands folded as he stared intently at his wife, trailing up and down in front of the hut, she glowed admirably, oh and the child, he could not wait for his wife to give birth.

But this was only the beginning, for his plan was to get Motunrayo pregnant yet again not too long after she would giving birth to the first child, it was the only way he could think of that would cause hindrance to her plans of leaving him, Akin could read her like a book, suspicious of the thoughts and plans she schemed in her head, he knew his wife well, all too well, he chuckled to himself as he made his way back inside.

It was best just to wait, he was getting used to this new found patient attitude of his, all thanks to his lovely wife.