Saturday, 29 August 2009

Motunrayo Part 7

Montunrayo’state was becoming even more evident as the many months passed, she glowed wonderfully, her stomach as round as ever, her hair grew faster and thicker, often packed in a large bun on her head, curly strands laid untidily on her forehead, regardless it shone a brilliant black. Moreover, her breasts had also gone through a dramatic change, much to Akin’s delight, maybe he’d get her pregnant more often.

A month or two later and he’d be holding his child, his own child, a son he’d hoped for, desperately yearned for and he was without doubt not one to allow anything whatsoever to come in between him and his craving, nothing stopped him from getting Motun, a baby was just the next step, no, a son, oh how he wished for a son. As usual his wife was proving difficult, often refusing the meals he or anybody else would prepare for her, even if she did eat it was hardly enough, especially for a woman in her condition, he thought she spent way too much time outside, concerned as he was Akin had tried his best to make the hut as comfortable for her as he could, that should be good enough for her, what else could she want? But then it hit him. Finished with his cooking, he called for her, she was not in the hut so he trailed outside where she was slouched over the hut ledge, his broad shoulders tensed as his arms folded, and he stood hovering over her. At once she sensed his presence, Motunrayo sprung up immediately and stared at him, she read him like a book, irritation written all over him, he bit his lip obviously trying to control his fury, Motunrayo closed her eyes and waited for the attack.

The attack came at once. “Nice try Motun”, she was confused, squinting her eyes she asked what he meant, annoyed that she insisted on playing dumb he shook his head and sighed, she was baffled, ‘what on earth did this guy want?’ she thought. “You think I don’t know what you’ve been trying to do?” his voice was stern, “skipping meals, long lays in the sun, you really had me going for a minute” a sarcastic smile now plastered on his face, still puzzled she squeezed her face, trying to understand what he meant, then she realized. Motunrayo shot back immediately, she honestly did not know what he was talking about, the whole ordeal had just made her lose her appetite plus she truthfully found staying outside more relaxing, the sun did sometimes get to her but she found it better than being locked up inside, realizing how paranoid he was Motunrayo laughed in her head, she wondered what would happen if she just got up, walked towards him, put her arms around him and kissed him. Snapping out of her daydream, she realized Akin was still talking, she was able to pick up at the last of his rant, something about him being a hawk and her not kidding herself, not bothered to take him up on his threats, she ignored him and turned her head, waiting for the rant to end.

“Your food is ready Motun” he turned to enter the hut, “I’m not hungry” she replied, Akin left her sighing with relief, but shortly returned with the meal he had prepared for her, yam and palm oil. Cutting a piece of the yam he bent down beside her, holding the piece of yam to her lips, she swallowed hard, her throat dry “No thanks” she said wearily, “Eat something baby, you need all the strength you can get”, “I don’t want. . .” “Eat it.” Motunrayo bit her bottom lip, reluctant to eat the yam but eventually gave in and submissively ate the meal, though only part, Akin was satisfied enough to leave her be and ate the rest.